Carrie’s Story

Not only do we at Mini First Aid love to hear from parents, but we know you do too (check out our blog on 10th January if you missed it). This week, we’re bringing you Carrie’s story. Carrie has two gorgeous sons, James and William. After attending one of Claire’s Mini First Aid North Leeds […]

My One Heart

It is Valentine’s Day and we want to tell you about Laura Albon; an inspiring woman who set up ‘My One Heart’ following her father’s tragic death due to a cardiac arrest. Not only do we love Laura’s gorgeous heart print t-shirts and sweatshirts (you may even have seen them on This Morning last week); […]

Vote for Us

Awards for Mini First Aid have been a bit like buses. Nothing comes for ages and then all of a sudden they come at once. I’m not complaining. When you first start to grow a business, it’s all hands on deck (still is) and you just have to get your head down. As more and […]

Meningitis: Know the Signs and Symptoms

At our Mini First Aid classes, parents tell us that meningitis is the disease they fear most. Over the winter months, cases of meningitis and septicaemia tend to rise so it is super important you are clear about the signs and symptoms. We work with the Meningitis Research Foundation to make sure that our trainers have […]

Elaine’s story

Has learning first aid been on your ‘to do’ list forever? Keen to learn a new life skill which can save a life? First time Mum, Elaine Bottazzi saved her baby Alex’s life at just three months old when he stopped breathing following a feed. Elaine knew what to do, having recently attended one of […]