Your vote counts

Your vote counts This week’s blog is a bit of a celebratory one with a call to action from our PR Manager, Jacky Burton: It is very easy to underestimate what our little ones are capable of. In a world increasingly driven by social media content, we are constantly reminded in a million different ways […]

Drowning Prevention Week

A LIFE SAVING SKILL We’re delighted that Water Babies and Mini First Aid have partnered for this year’s Drowning Prevention Week (16-26 June) to reach as many parents and carers as possible with advice about how to keep little ones safe around water. Both organisations care passionately about the health and wellbeing of parents and […]

A Dad’s perspective

A Dad’s perspective We’re delighted to be working in partnership with The Dad Network, one of the fastest growing community of Dads in the UK. Al Ferguson set up The Dad Network and tells his own story about why he thinks learning first aid is so important for Dads and their partners. It was the […]

Cold temperature

We have had exactly five minutes of snow in Yorkshire and we our Children are exstatic. The snow man in the garden looks a bit sad, his nose has now fallen off and his hat dried out on the radiator to be worn to school. Poor Mr Snowman, and we weren’t even skilled enough to […]

Spreading the word

Meet Jacky, Mini First Aid’s PR Manager – Not only has Jacky got 2 gorgeous children, has been my buddy since our babies were teeny but we work together too. She’s the superstar lady behind the scenes at Mini First Aid, and I thought she should leap out and say ‘Hi’ in her words…… “You […]


This week we’re supporting Meningitis Awareness Week (19th – 25th September) which is run by Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF). Rob Dawson, Head of Advocacy & Communications tells us more about the week and the work of MRF. We are delighted that Mini First Aid will be doing their bit during Meningitis Awareness Week (19th – […]

Baby Weaning

At Mini First Aid we will be talking lots about Baby Weaning this autumn and are particularly excited to be working with the Chiappas on the launch of their new ‘Baby at the Table’ book.   One of our franchisee’s Ruth shares her own experience of baby-led weaning and the talks about the fears that […]

Believe in Fairies

Such a sad and troublesome time in the world at the moment, I keep wondering to myself what world are my children growing up in? To bring you a little happiness read this amazing story. Meet Amanda, Director and creator of the most amazing charity, one which Mini First Aid are supporting this year, Wrap […]

Just one more…

Kate Ball We are a 2.4 family – boy and girl, no need for more right? Wrong… I kept looking at that middle seat in the back of the car thinking, wouldn’t it be just lovely to have one more, surely one more can squeeze in? We won’t even notice an extra little person in […]

Ever feel like you’ve had one of those days?

It was one of those days. Every Mum has them, but as Mum to four boys and working as a childminder I maybe had more little people involved in my day than most Mums. More little people = more potential for accidents! My first minded child had arrived bright and early at 7.30am, my second […]