Mini First Aid offers first aid courses to parents, grandparents, carers and children. The courses are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and cover the basics of life saving first aid, giving confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Meet the team

Kate Ball

MFA HQ Leeds

Kate Ball Founder, Owner and Mini First Aid Trainer.
Mum Kate has been a trainer for over 10 years and qualified to deliver Paediatric First Aid Training. Kate created Mini First Aid to offer memorable first aid training. Afterall knowing what we need to do in an emergency is crucial for the mini people in our lives.

Zoe Hunt


Mini First Aid Trainer for Bristol Bristol based Zoe, mum to Amber and Millie. Has been senior cabin crew for a major airline for over 10 years and is qualified to deliver First Aid in intense situations.

Claire Deverill

North Leeds, Harrogate & Wetherby

Mini First Aid Trainer for North Leeds, Harrogate & Wetherby Leeds based Claire is mum to James, Emilia and Thomas.  Working as a primary school teacher, Claire is used to dealing with a range of first aid situations with children.  

Liz Watt


Mini First Aid Trainer for Devon and a busy mum of 3 young boys.
Working as cabin crew for 13 years meant being First Aid trained to 
the highest standard, Liz could deal with anything from  choking,  childbirth to cardiac arrest.

Jodie Steeksma

Hull & East Riding

Mini First Aid Trainer for Hull & East Riding. Hull mum Jodie is an experienced carer and brings her incredible experience from residential caring and care of those with learning difficulties.  

Michele Trevor

Bradford, West Leeds, Huddersfield and York

Mini First Aid Trainer for both the the West Leeds & Bradford region and the York region. Mum to Maisy and Freya!
After being along side a friend who experienced her child having a seizure Michele realised just how important it was to learn the basic first aid skills.

Sue Fisher

Dorset, East Somerset & South Wilts

Mini First Aid Trainer for Dorset, East Somerset & South Wilts. Sue has worked in healthcare - commercial and clinical - her entire professional life. Covering the town, country and remote areas of Somerset, Dorset & Wilts. Sue is passionate that the skills taught by Mini First Aid can, literally, be life saving.

Riki Longman

Brighton, Haywards Heath & Eastbourne

Mini First Aid Trainer for Brighton, Haywards Heath & Eastbourne. Riki is mummy to toddler Harrison and lives in the Brighton area. She has worked for the last 12 years as Senior Cabin Crew for a leading major airline. Her medical training with the airline has given her a passion to pursue a career in First Aid.

Susan Dargie

Leicester, Market Harborough, Rugby & Kettering

Mini First Aid Trainer for Leicester, Market Harborough, Rugby & Kettering. Susan worked as an NHS Physiotherapist in an acute hospital setting before having her 4 children. She has also trained as an NCT Breastfeeding counsellor and provides both antenatal and postnatal support and information to local mums.

Ruth Wilson


Mini First Aid Trainer for Cambridge. Mum of 5 Ruth is a qualified nurse who spent over a decade supporting parents as a health visitor, and has spent the last three years working as a childminder.

Helen Stafford

Surrey & South West London

Surrey mum Helen is based in Epsom and has two children, Izzie and Matthew. In her 28 years as a flight manager, with a leading long haul airline, she has been faced with many first aid situations, and knows how to deal with them under pressure, not to mention the several incidents she has had bringing up her own two, from broken arms to gaping wounds! She believes that all carers of children should have the knowledge of basic first aid and be competent to deal with a situation, should it arise.

Gemma O'Hara

Manchester South

Mini First Aid Trainer for Manchester South. Gemma is a Mummy to toddler Florence. Having worked as both a primary school teacher and as long haul cabin crew for a major airline, Gemma has had the opportunity to put her first aid skills into practise on many different occasions.

Laura Richardson


Mini First Aid Trainer for Durham and mum to Hannah. Since becoming a mum, Laura has become convinced that as many people as possible should know at least basic first aid, and have the confidence to react effectively in an emergency. After all, who knows what adventures children will have!

Stephanie Costello


Stephanie is a Mammy to Cei-Cei Rose and Holly. She was brought up in Northumberland in a little town by the sea. At a young age she found the love to travel the world so joined a uk airline and has now flown as a supervisor for 19 years. Within this time she has dealt with many first aid situations which have occurred both onboard the aircraft and off.

Emily Illston

N. Warwickshire, Coventry & Tamworth

Mini First Aid trainer for North Warwickshire, Coventry, Tamworth & surrounding areas. Having worked in busy environments as a retail manager for over 10 years, Emily has come face to face with many situations where first aid has been critical in helping members of the public. Now Mum to two young children, Emily is passionate about working with parents & carers to give them the skills and confidence to know what to do in the event of an accident or emergency.

Anna Ruffle

Birmingham West

Mini First Aid trainer for West Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Stourbridge & surrounding areas. Anna is mum to three children and has over 15 years experience as a physiotherapist on a busy intensive care unit.

Lorraine Dyer

Birmingham West

Mini First Aid trainer for West Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Stourbridge & surrounding areas. Lorraine is mum to two adventurous boys and her background has been working with children of all ages in her role in Education Liaison and more recently as a childminder.

Danielle Jarmin

Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Our Mini First Aid Trainer for Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, Danielle, is Mum to toddler William. Danielle understands first hand
how parents can take comfort in their own knowledge of baby and child first aid. With extensive business experience, Danielle prides herself in delivering informative classes in a welcoming and relaxed environment.

Alex Harrison


Mini First Aid trainer for Sheffield. Mummy to Florence and Wilf, Alex has over 20 years experience as a paediatric nurse working in Accident and Emergency, Paediatric ICU and Neonatal ICU both here in the U.K. and in sunny Australia.
Her training and expertise in these areas has seen her deal with medical emergencies on a daily basis first hand....as a nurse and a mummy, making her the ideal Mini First Aid Trainer for Sheffield.

Paula Kopydlowski


Mini First Aid Trainer for Lancashire. Mummy to two pony-mad little girls! Paula was a Water Babies Swimming Instructor and loves working with families and their little ones. Paula has always been a First Aider at Work in all her professional roles and is passionate about educating everyone in basic first aid, so we are confident to know what to do in any given medical emergency.

Andrea Kyriakou


Mini First Aid Trainer for Lancashire. Andrea is mum to two boisterous, mischievous, rugby mad boys and is no stranger to the perils of childhood incidents. From cuts & bruises to broken bones she understands the necessity for all parents and carers to be confident in CPR & first aid. We want to make sure that every parent in Lancashire has the basic first aid skills to potentially save a life.

Natalie Hannay

Nottingham, Grantham & Sleaford

Natalie is Mini first Aid trainer for Nottingham, Grantham,Sleaford and surrounding areas.
Following the birth of Natalie's niece who needed a tracheostomy, she realised the importance of knowing first aid! Natalie trained and became part of Mini First Aid so she could share her knowledge with parents, grandparents, carers and of course Aunties!

Kelly Yeomans

Derby, South Nottingham, & Burton Upon Trent

Kelly is the Mini First Aid trainer for Derby, South Nottingham and surrounding areas. As cabin crew for a leading long haul airline, Kelly has dealt with many first aid situations on board over the last 13 years. She believes that sharing essential first aid training with all carers of children, gives necessary knowledge and confidence.

Alison Rayson

Carlisle & Dumfries

Brought up in Carlisle, Alison is a mum to a sporty 7 year old boy, so is no stranger to dealing with the usual childhood incidents!

Working as an onboard Manager for a leading long haul airline for 21 years, Alison has dealt with many first aid situations while traveling the world.
She is passionate about ensuring that everyone that looks after children, has the knowledge of first aid, and also the confidence in using it, with the potential of even saving a life.

Kath Rose

East Cheshire

Kath has ten years experience as a qualified nurse and is mum of two. She loves giving families and carers the knowledge and skills to provide emergency first aid.

Leanne Nurden


Mini First Aid trainer for Oxfordshire, Leanne is a mother of 2 daughters and has been an Onboard Manager for a leading long haul airline for 24 years. She has dealt with many emergency first aid situations, ranging from faints to cardiac arrest. After using her training and knowledge during an incident at home, Leanne realised how important it is that everyone should have a knowledge of basic first aid, especially if you have children in your care!

Shavalyea Gilbert


Hello! I'm Shavalyea, Mini First Aid Trainer for Hertfordshire. Like many, I've always known the importance of being prepared in the event of an emergency but it was becoming a first-time mum to my “always exploring” son that encouraged me to become more knowledgeable. Now, it is my mission to help all parents, carers, children and really anyone become more "first aid-ready" because you never know when it may be needed!

Lucy Atherden

North Hampshire

I’m Lucy, a nurse, a wife, a mum and a first aid trainer. Children don’t come with manuals; don’t I know it! But if they did, Mini First Aid should be chapter number 1! My knowledge and skills gained from a decade of nursing is the perfect grounding for being a Mini First Aid trainer. I feel privileged to be in a position to teach you how to save a childs’ life. I love my job!

Alison Gibbs


Alison is a mum to two inquisitive young boys and a bouncy boxer dog.
Having Worked as cabin crew for 12 years and being First Aid trained for any situation, Alison wanted to focus more on baby and child first aid after having her own children.
This led her to becoming a member of Mini First Aid giving her the opportunity to pass on the importance of knowing what to do in an emergency with your little ones.

Vicky Drewery


Hello! I'm Vicky, Mini First Aid Trainer for Lincolnshire. I'm a mum to two young energetic boys so we've had our fair share of bumps and grazes! I have also been an Onboard Manager for a large airline for the last 15 years. I have dealt with many first aid situations in the sky ranging from Seizures to Strokes and feel it is vital that everyone should have basic first aid knowledge. Especially those with children in their care, you never know when you might need this life saving skill!

Nicola Stewart

Glasgow South

Mini First Aid trainer Nicola is Mummy to Sophia, Franco, Tony and Leo. What with three mischievous and football crazy boys, she knows only too well what situations kids get into!

Nicola joined a leading longhaul airline in 2000 and is now a Cabin Crew Supervisor. She's come face to face with many first aid incidents, some more frightening than others at 40,000 feet!

Nicola is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences with local families, carers and organisations.

Chloe Hill

Thames Valley

As a mum of 3 Chloe is aware of the many unexpected incidents that can happen in day to day family life. It was following a bad burn to her daughter's leg that Chloe decided she, and other parents and carers, should feel equipped with the tools and training to deal with a medical emergency should one ever arise. She is passionate about training up local mums, dads, grandparents and nannies in basic baby and child first aid so that they are confident and equipped to deal with those moments we hope will never happen.

Joe Ellis-Gage


Joe is a practising paediatric nurse with over 10 years experience. He has worked in senior nursing roles in both Accident and Emergency and Community Paediatrics so is no stranger to dealing with emergencies and common childhood illnesses and injuries. Joe enjoys teaching having previously taught sessions for nurses and doctors in both the local university and hospital.
Joe started out as a nursery nurse so this along with having three young children of his own means he understands the concerns and worries that come with caring for children.

Danielle Wood

High Peak & Tameside

Danny has worked as senior cabin crew for a major UK airline for 12 years and has experienced many real life first aid situations in this role. Since becoming a mummy to two young daughters, she wants to help other people caring for little ones to be equipped with the knowledge they need to deal with first aid in their busy lives.

Dawn Uniacke-Winrow

Wigan & Bolton

Hey I'm Dawn, I'm mum of two great little boys Izaak almost 5 & Jakob who's just turned 2. Typically they're full of fun, mischief & like to keep me on my toes! I've had to deal with many bumps and scratches along the way.

As a Mini First Aider I feel strongly about teaching other parents to deal with those scary situations that their little ones sometimes face.

Claire Lloyd

South Warwickshire

Claire is passionate about delivering welcoming and relaxed first aid classes that will provide crucial skills and knowledge to families across the region.

A Mum of 2, Claire wants to equip other parents to feel confident in the moments that we all hope will never happen.

Lisa Williams


I'm Lisa Williams, Chepstow based mum to daughter Isabelle. I have worked for a long haul airline for over 7 years and with that I have gained the absolute highest standards of First Aid training.
Since becoming a mum, a whole new world of First Aid was presented to me and my passion has become to ensure I get to share and expand every parents/carers knowledge in basic first aid skills.

Hannah Dodd

The Wirral

Hi, my name is Hannah. I am a mum to 3 lively children, Harry, Charlie and Grace and I am passionate about first aid. I have been a paramedic for over 17 years so I know how stressful dealing with sick and injured children can be and as a mum I know how frightening and distressing it can be. My aim of delivering the Mini First Aid courses is to give people the knowledge, skills and confidence to cope in an emergency situation.

Rachel Graham


Mini First Aid Swansea is run by Rachel Graham. With 18 years experience as a front line paramedic and as mum to 2 boisterous children she has dealt with almost every first aid situation you can think of and is uniquely qualified to teach this experience in her classes.
She is passionate about passing on essential information, in a way that's understandable and that gives people peace of mind.

Sarah Rhydderch

North Merseyside

Sarah is extremely passionate about educating as many parents, carers and children across the region as possible, ensuring that they have both the ability and confidence to deal with first aid scenarios as they arise, it really could make a difference and ultimately help to save a life.

Emma Woods


Emma is the Mini First Aid trainer for Ayrshire & Inverclyde. She is a practicing midwife and has dealt first hand with many medical emergencies over the years. Emma is mummy to a super high energy son and has experienced many bumps and bruises with him. She believes it is important that everyone should have basic first aid knowledge especially if they have children in their care.

Jennifer Peters

Glasgow Central & North

Jennifer is the Mini First Aid trainer for Glasgow Central and North. In her 20 years flying for a long haul airline she has dealt with many on board incidents and emergencies including a successful CPR scenario which is now included in the airline's medical training. She is a mum to Isabella and is passionate about delivering first aid training to parents, carers and all those who look after little ones.

Beckie Hulmes


Shelagh Hickson


Hello, I’m Shelagh the trainer for Mini First Aid in Northumberland.
I worked for twenty-two years for an international humanitarian charity as a trainer and have dealt with numerous first aid situations over the years. I have always known the importance of having basic first aid skills and hope my passion of “Everyone should have the knowledge and self-confidence to help, especially as it could help to save someone’s life. “

Lara Whitfield

North Kent

Lara is a mother, with over 20 years experience in the leisure industry including the delivery of first aid training to a wide variety of organisations and disciplines,as well as dealing with numerous first aid incidents. She is passionate about the importance and need for first aid training particularly in connection with children ,and is keen to share her knowledge and experience with parents, grandparents,family and friends in order to enable them to deal with emergency situations.

Lou Duncan

North Kent

Lou is a mother and current part time serving police constable, she’s held this role for 8 1/2 years. She also gained a BTec National Diploma in childcare straight after leaving school. She used this qualification to be a nanny for 3 different families for more than 10 years. From dealing with children in her care, and the emergency situations she’s dealt with as a constable, she knows all too well about the importance of first aid and is keen to share this knowledge and experience.


Baby & Child First Aid (Open Classes)


2 Hour Class for Parents, Grandparents & Carers

Book into your nearest scheduled class. First aid for babies and children; Covering choking, CPR, dealing with burns, breaks, bumps and bleeding, febrile seizures, and meningitis awareness.

Baby & Child First Aid (Private Classes)


2 Hour Class for Parents, Grandparents & Carers

If you have a group of friends, relatives or an antenatal group, we will bring the Mini First Aid 2 hour class to you at home or your chosen location. A minimum of 6 people are required for each booking. 1 to 1 or couples classes are also available for those who don’t want to be in a group setting, prices are on request.

Mini First Aid Kids / Early Years


Kids – 1 Hour Class for Children aged 8-11 

Designed for children to attend.  A 1 hour class specifically designed to encourage children to think about the actions they would take in an emergency situation if no adults were present. In small groups the children learn lifesaving techniques and the basics of emergency first aid through interactive and fun sessions. The cost includes a certificate of attendance. Classes available to schools, clubs and privately arranged groups please contact us for more information.

Early Years – 30 Minute Class for Children aged 3-7 

This is a 30-minute session aimed at children aged approx 3-7, dealing with very basic first aid and calling 999. Classes can take place in nurseries, clubs or schools.

Mini First Aid @ Work


2 Hour Baby & Child First Aid Class for Parents held at your work setting.

Show your employees that their families are important to you by gifting your staff our 2 hour practical class. Covering CPR, Choking, Bumps, Burns, Breaks, Bleeding, Febrile Seizures and Meningitis Awareness our class can be run through an extended lunch break in your premises. All those who attend will be provided with a certificate of attendance. Please contact us for more information.

Paediatric First Aid Qualification (Open Classes)


12 or 6 Hour Certified Paediatric First Aid Course

This is a either a 6/12 hour course for groups of up to 12. This course covers the EYFS and OFSTED requirements for Paediatric First Aid.

Paediatric First Aid Qualification (Private Classes)


12 or 6 Hour Certified Paediatric First Aid Course

Book your Mini First Aid trainer to come to your place of work to deliver the 6/12 hour course for groups of up to 12. This course covers the EYFS and OFSTED requirements for Paediatric First Aid.

The Department for Education (DFE) has published new rules on the provision of first aid for infants and children in early years settings.
Under the new rules, all newly-qualified early years staff who have completed a level 2 or 3 qualification on or after 30 June 2016 must gain either a full or emergency Paediatric first aid certificate within 3 months of starting work. (DFE March 2017)

Emergency First Aid at Work for Schools


This is a 1-day course for groups of up to 12 people. This course covers the DFEE and OFSTED requirements for Emergency First Aid at Work for School staff.


Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements
Call: 07796 718860