Look out for the label

As we approach Halloween, there has been some positive news in the media this week to help parents pick costumes which are safer (nothing is completely safe) in terms of flammability. You now need to look out for an extra safety label on Halloween costumes which proves they have undergone extra flammability testing. Great news. […]

Restart a Heart Day 2017

Today is Restart a Heart Day and we’re right behind the initiative at Mini First Aid. We’ll be showing you on social media this week, what our trainers have been doing across the UK to teach adults and children lifesaving CPR as part of the day. We’re delighted to hear from Simon Gillespie from the […]

The Day that Starts Like any Other

The Day that Starts Like any Other As 16th October marks European Restart a Heart Day 2017 ; I want to introduce you to one of our trainers, Jennifer Peters. I was chatting to Jennifer about her recent Glasgow launch; when she told me her emotional story about literally restarting a heart. It’s so important to […]

Spare Allergy Pens in Schools

You may have heard in the news recently about new legislation with regard to allowing spare adrenaline auto injectors (EpiPens are one example) in schools. With one in five deaths following a severe allergic reaction to food taking place at school; this is a crucial piece of legislation. We spoke to Holly Shaw this week; […]