You Tube

In this week’s blog, our lovely Cambridge trainer Ruth Wilson talks about the amazing world of You Tube:   Isn’t it amazing what you can learn from You Tube? It was my son’s 12th Birthday recently, and he got one of these:   Within about half an hour he had messed it up, and was […]

Talking politics or making a difference?

  Talking politics or making a difference? In a world of social media and 24 hour news, none of us can avoid the fact that there is a General Election coming up. Whilst I’m not going to talk politics here (I’ll save that for when I’ve had a few gin and tonics!), times are tough […]

We Are All Wonder Women

The pressure to be doing OK is immense for Mums. Working, managing growing broods of Children, managing homes, and maintaining relationships with friends and our nearest and dearest. Since having twins, bringing our broad to 4, people often stop me to tell me I am Super Woman. I don’t even wear my pants over my […]