Cough Cough Puke

Cough Cough Puke, Cough Cough Puke……   It’s the time of year for streaming colds. Our school children are merrily sharing their germs with each other and still needing reminding to ‘use a tissue’ and ‘cover your mouth’ and ‘don’t sniff like that’. Oh joy.   At home, 2 precious newborns, shielded from the germs […]

The Mini Adventures Of Freddie

  BUY NOW – £6.99 with FREE UK Shipping – A young child could have the ability to save a life. The inspiration for this new book from Mini First Aid This lovely story joins Freddie on his adventures. Freddie encounters some first aid situations and is very brave as he is looked after by a grown […]

Cold temperature

We have had exactly five minutes of snow in Yorkshire and we our Children are exstatic. The snow man in the garden looks a bit sad, his nose has now fallen off and his hat dried out on the radiator to be worn to school. Poor Mr Snowman, and we weren’t even skilled enough to […]